Chapter 4: Attention
1. What are the results of the dichotic listening experiments?
2. Explain Broadbent’s filter model (Draw out the model and explain each part)
3. Findings of “Dear Aunt Jane” experiment. This experiment makes it hard to explain Broadbent’s filter model, why? How does Treisman’s attenuator model come in to explain the study?
4. Differences between early and late selection model.
5. Explain the relationship between cognitive load and selective attention.
6. What is the Stroop Effect?
7. Explain the differences between overt visual attention.
8. What is the difference between “inattentional blindness” and “change blindness?
9. Describe prosopagnosia
10. Describe unilateral neglect
11. Describe balint’s syndrome
12. What is Feature integration theory? How does it help explain balint’s syndrome?

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