Week Four project outline

For my senior project, I have decided to explore the effectiveness of using ABA techniques to improve social skills in children with autism. 

  • How does implementing ABA strategies impact the development of social communication skills in children with autism?
  • What are the key factors contributing to the success of ABA-based social skills interventions for individuals with autism?
  • What are the long-term effects of ABA interventions on social interactions and relationships in individuals with autism?

Submit a detailed written outline of the structure of the written final project, including anticipated subheadings and tables, figures, and appendices.  Bullet points are sufficient to outline content under each subheading. 

This should be the outline for ALL FIVE CHAPTERS of your cumulative project but at minimum, should be for chapters 2, 3, and 4. 


You must include at least two references in your outline. A reference page should be started (on its own page). 



Textbooks & Required Resources

American Psychological Association (2009). Publication Manual of the American Psychological

                Association (6th Ed.) Washington, DC.



Your literature review can include material on different ABA techniques used with children with ASD and then how they are used in relation to teaching social skills.

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