Week Assignment: Framework of Compliance Laws and Regulation

Over the last three weeks, we have analyzed most of the important laws and advisory opinions that help form the framework of modern-day compliance programs. The regulations cover issues such as the False Claims Act and whistleblowers, fraud and abuse legislation, antitrust laws, income tax law, HIPAA, HITECH, employment laws, Safe Harbors, advisory opinions, Special Fraud Alerts, internal and external auditing requirements, and mandatory reporting.

For this assignment, you are asked to synthesize the regulatory framework to specifically address your chosen topic for the class:

1.      Identify a minimum of three specific laws or regulations that apply to your chosen topic.

2.      Analyze and apply these three legislative pieces to your topic and determine if each law or regulation is effective in ensuring compliance to control the issues raised by your own topic.

3.      Determine how each law or regulation increased the need for compliance officers and compliance programs in healthcare organizations.

4.      Evaluate the roles that state health departments and the federal role of the Department of Health and Human Services (for example, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid), and the Office of Inspector General may have on your own topic.

5.      Describe how each legislative piece has been applied to healthcare organizations.


Number of Pages: Ten (10).

I will add 3 pages later on. I don’t have enough cash for the 10 pages


Please use the Grading Guideline as the benchmark for this assignment (see Week 7 Assignment details attached) 

Please Note: This is a major assignment and should follow and address all the requirements listed in the assignment and in the grading criteria.

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