Based on how you will evaluate your EBP project, which independent and dependent variables do you need to collect? Why?

(TRA WEP 5/31)


My capstone project aims to reduce the risk of falls for patients recently discharged to home from hospitalization under home-care services by providing prompt multi-disciplinary interventions. Evaluating this improvement project can be done by evaluating the independent and dependent variables. In this project the independent variables would be the interventions provided and the types of patients they are provided to. These interventions could be fall risk assessment, personalized safety plans, and prompt initiation of therapies within the home for patient rehab. The independent variables within this example would be the patient outcomes and whether the patients fall after these interventions are provided. Additionally, the level of independence could be considered an independent variable after home care and fall prevention interventions are implemented. Ensuring that these interventions to prevent fall and especially the educational interventions are effectively grasped by the patient’s and their families is a key influencer of how the independent variables affect the dependent variables of this project. Evaluating the effectiveness of teaching is something that the home-care nurses should be doing such as teach-back, multi-modal presentation, and frequent teaching sessions(Mekki et al. 2018). It is important to know the independent and dependent variables within any change project so that cause and effect can be identified and can lead to an improvement of a process to have the desired outcome. 



Tone Elin Mekki, Ingalill Rahm Hallberg, & Christine Øye. (2018). Lessons learned from mixed-methods research when designing and evaluating an education intervention in nursing homes: a retrospective reflection. International Practice Development Journal8(2), 1–13.



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