Week 7 Literature Review Draft

Submit an 8-10 page (minimum) draft, plus AT LEAST FIVE references, of an APA-compliant literature review on the selected topic. Note that the  initial draft may be slightly incomplete.  The abstract (if included – not required), introduction, and reference pages are not included in this page count.

*I will help you correct any APA formatting on this draft. Please also use Purdue OWL as an online resource as it is extremely reliable. 

Note: Hold personal opinions and reactions until the discussions chapter.  The use of “I” statements should not be part of the Literature Review (can be used in the introduction, if appropriate).



For my senior project, I have decided to explore the effectiveness of using ABA techniques to improve social skills in children with autism. 

  • How does implementing ABA strategies impact the development of social communication skills in children with autism?
  • What are the key factors contributing to the success of ABA-based social skills interventions for individuals with autism?
  • What are the long-term effects of ABA interventions on social interactions and relationships in individuals with autism?



Use your Cooper book as a reference to help

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