Technology is integral to successful implementation in many projects, through either support or integration or both. Name at least one technology that could improve the implementation process and the outcomes of your capstone project change proposal. Do you plan to use this technology? If not, what are the barriers that prevent its use?

(Sam Ola)


The electronic health record (HER) is an innovative health care delivery model to incorporate interdisciplinary care teams. EHR has the potential to transform systems from paper-based and waste industry to utilizing clinical and other information to assist caregivers in delivering the highest quality care possible .

Advantages to HER and improved patient


  • Available accurate, up-to-=date, and complete patient information at a point of care station.
  • Rapid access to patient records for a more cohesive, coordinated, and efficient care.
  • The ability to safely and securely share information with clinical and patients.
  • Helping providers effectively and accurately diagnose patients, medical error reductions, and provide safe care.
  • It has improved communication and interaction between patient and provider.
  • Enable safe and reliable prescription ordering,
  • They promote legible, cohesive, accurate documentation while streamlining code and billing.
  • Enhanced HIPAA privacy and compliance.
  • Improved provider productivity and work-life balance.
  • Providers are enabled to improve efficiency and meet business goals through cost containment.
  • Cost reduction by decreased paperwork, safety improvements, elimination of duplicate testing, and improved inventory control.

From personal experience, I have worked with various databases, causing frustration to file through piles of paperwork for lab results, EKG, H&P, and radiology results for a single patient. When patients are brought to the ER from long-term care facilities, we receive scattered paper charts, omitting the critical information needed to care for their residents. DNR DNI paperwork is often left behind, and we need to retrieve these documents in a timely fashion. A national EHR system would be beneficial and is necessary as a first step in transforming the healthcare system. The current EHR I am using is Cerner, and I would not recommend it due to the multiple databases required to obtain current patient information. Cerner utilizes a program MS4, and this is a DOS based that is outdated from the 1980s. This system is not end-user-friendly and challenging to navigate. I have experience using Epic EHR, and this system is end user friendly and shared across the nation. However, this system is very costly to purchase and maintain. When an organization decides to break ties with Epic, the organization will need to continue paying an access fee to be able to look at older files. While working in a rural ER, a patient was brought to us unresponsive. The EMS team was able to retrieve the patient’s ID card. Our registration team input the man’s information, and we could access his chart from his resident state. The care team had all the pertinent information to provide care to an unresponsive man safely. His emergency contact information was up to date, and we were able to contact his family. This is an example of why it is necessary to have a national database for EHR.



What are the advantages of electronic health records? (2021). Health IT.


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