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Hi, Dr. Patrick. In this paper its the same as the prev one.  Check on Week 6 instructions, identify the problem then answer this weeks DB post. we’re using CareLead as our Case Study. 


This discussion provides a forum for you to give and receive feedback on your plan to use the frameworks you are finding to provide evidence for your selected gap in practice.

In this discussion, share a draft of the first part of your Week 6 assignment, addressing the following:

·         State the specific business problem and gap in practice you have selected.

·         Identify two frameworks (one practitioner and one scholarly, meaning one written for a business and one for an academic audience) that provide evidence for the selected gap in practice and discuss how they apply to current trends in the field of leadership.

·         Explain how the frameworks you identified align properly with your selected specific problem and gap in practice.

Title your post by the problem and gap you have selected (for instance, “Kensington Auto Parts: Problem/Gap 1” or “CareLead Medical: Problem/Gap 3”). Be sure to use APA style to cite the articles you refer to and provide in-text citations if you quote from the articles.

Please don’t forget that we’re using CareLead as our Case Study.

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