Week 5 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

HI anthony, this assignment is annotated bibiliography of the artciles to be used in the week 10 assignment. So we are supposed to generate  the bibiliographies of the resources to be used in week 10. 

So to help you understand, i have attached this week’s and week 10 instructions. So search a minimum of 15 articles which will be used. I did choose Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center (BUMC) health organisation for these assignments.  So check on the files and if you need any clarufucation please reach out. I am not sure of the number of pages but if you will need more just lemmi know i will add. 


With your RDT and IT Analysis Outline and Annotated Bibliography, you will demonstrate the research you have completed in your course project and receive instructor feedback. Your annotated bibliography should be annotative, as opposed to summative. Include the following:

·         A minimum of 15 references formatted in the current APA edition style that are appropriate, professional, and peer-reviewed academic sources.

·         Identification of the type of source, and provide a brief summary as well as a rationale for each selection.

·         Assessment of the relationship of the references to a leadership model or theory.

Your instructor will offer feedback in regard to the applicability of the articles you selected, as well as guidance on any other aspects that you may want to research before completing the assignment.


1.  The paper must critically evaluate multiple professional and peer-reviewed academic sources, identifying strengths and weaknesses.

2.   The paper must evaluate the legitimacy of scholarly resources by comparing the arguments of various academics.

3.   The paper must provide a comprehensive and thoughtful assessment of the relationship of a leadership theory or model.

4. The paper must demonstrate the applicability of the sources to the topic and your chosen organization

5.   The paper must demonstrate a professional knowledge of the current APA edition formatting, style, usage, and annotated bibliography throughout the entire application/paper.


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