week 5 assignment 1

Encounter with the Friend


General appearance: Middle aged African American male, good posture, with eye contact, smiling, dress not disheveled, dresses appropriately with hoodie and a cap, good grooming no abnormal mannerism and tics noted.

Behavior alert and cooperative

Attitude: positive and optimistic attitude

Mood:  cheerful, expresses excitement “we are having a baby! I cannot wait”

Affect: appropriate affect, euthymic, full range, supple or stable affect, expression is appropriate type, smiles often.

Speech: normal speed of speech, normal rhythm, articulation, volume, accent and tone. No significant latency in response, Production is normal.

Thought process: linear, logical, goal-directed and organized.

Thought content: no apparent delusional thoughts and preoccupations, no hallucinations, no suicidal ideation, no obsessions, and no phobia cited

Insight: good insight about situation, good awareness about becoming a father

judgment: good decision-making, expresses intent to move to a new apartment, a bigger one to accommodate the new baby.

Cognition: conscious, alert, oriented to time, place, and person, good memory recall and is able to recall past events, has good visuospatial functioning, can count back in serial 3’s, abstract and concrete understanding assessed, able to draw.

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