State’s Healthcare Policy

Different healthcare policies have been passed in the United States before. These include improvement of healthcare quality, enhanced Medicare, availability of health care services, and improved patients’ safety. However, these policies have failed and have never been implemented despite all the efforts of the healthcare sector. This has raised lots of debates about the efficiency of these policies because there is continuity of high cost and poor quality of health delivery to patients all over the states of America.

Our State government has failed in implementing these healthcare policies which have placed the government on the spotlight for the past years. Healthcare setbacks have been all over the news, for example, high cost of medical acquisition, poor access to health services by patients and poor quality of healthcare delivery. First, despite the State administrators’ spending money to improve the healthcare sector, it has never borne fruits. Patients continue to acquire healthcare at a costly amount. Getting healthcare services is very expensive, and the less fortunate in the community are affected the most, and some cannot wholly afford to receive treatment. Secondly, there is poor access to medical services in our state. Most of the healthcare facilities are located far from our home town. Patients with severe illness cannot access referral facilities for more treatment on time because they have to travel miles away to reach the referral hospitals. Lastly, there is the poor quality of healthcare services. There are a few numbers of health care providers compared to the high demand of patients. Due to this, patients do not get the needed attention. Patients with severe illness are the most affected because they cannot get to see the medical provider frequently for check-ups.

Besides the inadequate provision of health care services by the government, there are other upstream concerns in my community. This is because of the social, physical and economic constraints of health which has led to poor healthcare among people. First, there are concerns about negligence by the government; old people in my community have little access to health insurance and they have to pay before getting medical attention, which many cannot afford. This has affected quality living and caused psychological frustration. Secondly, there are concerns about the unavailability of community-based resources in support of recreational and leisure-time activities. These activities could help people avoid stress and improve their physical and emotional health, but there are no government supports for these activities, which are highly beneficial to human health.

However, the introduction of advanced practice registered nurses in the health care system could significantly impact health care. Their support could improve the health sector and enhance quality and affordable health care services to patients since they are primarily-based. As doctoral advanced practice nurses we act as health advocates. We are involved in initiating proposals to be included in the policy bills discussed in the senate. Besides, we push for the implementation of quality and equal healthcare services to patients; this will also keep the cost of services low, doctoral advanced nurses enhance the accessibility of healthcare, and promote good relationships between patients and the healthcare providers. There are ways a doctorally-prepared APRN could positively affect the health of patients and promote patient outcomes.

 First, by advocating for strong health policies and implementing them, we offer quality and equal healthcare services and break the monotony of physicians by increasing the supply of health services. This will reduce the cost of medication since we offer cheaper services. Secondly, I believe that APRNs enhance easy accessibility of healthcare to patients since they tend to establish their clinics. These clinics bring services to people in their grassroots which saves the patients from travelling to far hospitals. Lastly, we build a good relationship between patients and healthcare providers since we take time to listen to patients before providing the necessary medication.  This creates patients’ positive attitude towards healthcare providers.

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