Anxiety is a severe psychological issue that impacts the lives of many individuals worldwide, including children and adolescents. Anxiety affects people’s behavior and feelings daily and interferes with their usual way of life. If it goes untreated, anxiety among children and adolescents could prove devastating, with the long-term complications making the affected unable to function, especially in social settings. These complications in this demographic are long-lasting and unrelenting health issues that continue well into adulthood. At this point, it becomes necessary to get professional assistance lest it becomes a more serious issue with more severe effects.

            Children and adolescents with untreated anxiety commonly experience many phobias that impair their ability to socialize, perform academically, and general mental and emotional stability. Often, adolescents with anxiety conditions are at a higher risk of future anxiety conditions, including depression, drug abuse, and shortened educational achievement as young adults. Duffy (2019) adds that there can even be physical complications that manifest as an illness with correlated mental symptoms such as insomnia, concentration issues, and constant worrying. However, it is worth noting that some level of anxiety is expected and normal during adolescence due to ongoing hormonal changes. However, in the long term, if associated complications endure, then there is a need for interventions. 

            Undiagnosed or untreated anxiety in children and adolescents may lead to an increased possibility of getting involved in risky behavior, including self-impalement, bullying, and even suicide. Weisz and Bearman (2020) highlight the statistics of about nine in ten adolescents involved in suicide having been diagnosed with mental illness. While there is no cure for anxiety disorder, the long-term outlook on complications is contingent on the severity of the condition. Usually, indulging in drug use relieves the symptoms, which often do not have a lasting effect and cause more problems. Stress management is a much-needed and enduring worry, with symptoms likely worsening during acute stress.




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