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Reply to two of your classmates with strategies, suggestions, or answers to the questions/ concerns they posted in the initial post, utilizing material from the course as well as experience.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded. The grading for the number of reply posts is based on individual Discussion Board instructions. If the rubric indicates a different number for reply posts, you will not be graded down, as long as you have followed the reply post instructions.

For this assignment to be considered complete, you must identify at least one concern or question regarding each of the following: the job search process, interviewing, and negotiation. You must post at least four questions/ concerns by Day 3. You must reply to at least two classmates and answer at least one of their questions no later than Day 7.




Response 1  To Lauren


Several concerns come to mind when I consider the process of securing a job after graduating. Regarding the job search process, I wonder which jobs we should be seeking. I have seen many new NPs securing jobs in areas they worked in as an RN, but Massachusetts clearly states an NP must only be working in a specialty in which he/she is trained for (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2021). For example, I work with several Cardiac Surgical ICU NPs who specialized in Family Medicine, but worked in cardiac surgery as an RN. Secondly, many open NP positions prefer experienced NPs, but I wonder if having RN experience counts toward this. This would open up more opportunities for the job search. As far as interviewing goes, I wonder if it is possible to talk too much. I tend to ramble when I get nervous, and I need to learn how to combat that. I feel strongly that interviewing is a nerve-racking process with most of us overly concerned about how we present ourselves, often neglecting our own needs. Being a good fit for an organization is as important as feeling that the organization is a good fit for you. This includes feeling comfortable with your peers during the interview process, which should be rather seamless. Negotiating might be my greatest concern. Some NPs are part of a nurse’s union, in which case I do not believe there is any room for negotiation. I continue to worry about whether I will be compensated the way I expect to be as an NP. The longer I work as an RN, the more money I make, and the more I expect to make as an NP. Though, I am not sure if this is realistic. I understand that nurses get to a point in their career when they make less as a new NP than they did as an RN, but I am not sure when that point is. I hope to advance in the company I currently work for, but it is important for me to remember to address these concerns and prioritize my expectations, as we all should.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (2021). 244 CMR 4: Board of registration in nursing: Advanced practice registered nursing. Retrieved March 13, 2023, from





Response 2 to Mackenszie

The purpose of this discussion post is to reflect on the provided course material and discuss concerns in regards to the upcoming job search as a new graduate nurse practitioner. When it comes to job search techniques and approaches, I am not particularly overwhelmed. This process has been well laid out and addressed since the middle of my undergraduate years when taking classes at Northeastern that specifically addressed how to search for a desired role as well as effectively interview. However, I am concerned about how employers will view me as a younger candidate who has four years of RN work experience. I fear that I will not be taken as seriously as there is often a negative stigma towards individuals who pursue an advanced nursing career without years upon years of experience. This also raises worry regarding my likely lack of ability to negotiate. With this being said I feel it is essential that in the interview process I focus on asking the employers expectations of me, what kind of patient-load i will take, how long of an orientation I will receive, and whether or not compensation will be based on productivity. It is a known fact that newly graduated nurse practitioners have a lower productivity rate for the first 12 months of work in their new role (Buppert, 2014). Looking further down the road, as mentioned previously, I have concern regarding orientation length. This makes me wonder if a residency program may be a wise choice in my new career. These programs are useful in helping new graduates get their feet underneath them and gain confidence in their abilities as it is noted that new graduates do not struggle with competency but more so with confidence in their abilities (Speight et. al 2019). Finally, a concern of mine when looking into roles as a nurse practitioner is the social support in the practice. One of the most important aspects of development in a new practice setting is social support and teamwork from all of the members of the practice. Novice nurse practitioners are more likely to display job satisfaction and display growth in practice when they are supported by physicians and other advanced practice clinicians (Faraz, 2017). Minimizing a hierarchy in a practice is important as it will allow for growth and will ultimately benefit the practice and patient outcomes.


Buppert, C. (2014). 20 Questions to Ask a Prospective Employer. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 10(1), 62-63.Faraz, A. (2017). Novice nurse practitioner workforce transition and turnover intention in primary care. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 29(1), 26-34.Speight, C., Firnhaber, G., Scott, E. S., & Wei, H. (2019, October). Strategies to promote the professional transition of new graduate nurse practitioners: a systematic review. In Nursing forum (Vol. 54, No. 4, pp. 557-564).

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