Discuss why EBP is an essential component of the practice of a BSN-prepared RN. Identify two ways in which you will continue to integrate evidence into your practice and encourage it within your work environment. What obstacles could challenge this plan, and what steps will you take to minimize their impact?

(SAM, O 6/13)


 Evidence-based practice (EBP) is essential in the practice of a bachelor’s prepared nurse simply because a nurse with a higher level of education is expected to practice at a higher level of safety and efficacy. EBP utilizes validated interventions and practices which have been proven to provide a higher level of excellence to patient care. An equally important element of practicing the most efficient care practices is that the bachelor’s prepared nurse is able to detect gaps in patient care or fractured processes in which EBP could be implemented and improve patient outcomes (Eastern Illinois University, 2018).

The goal of EBP is to take the ‘tradition’ practices and the ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’ mentalities and replace them with science-supported methods proven to be safer, more efficient, and more economical (Lippincott Nursing Education, 2017). One of the ways which I am already utilizing EBP in my workplace is addressing a recent increase in patient to nurse ratio. In response to high census numbers, the Unit Based Council changed our base ratio from 3:1 to 4:1. Before the change, nurses would be 3:1 unless there was an issue with staffing or their patient acuity was minimal enough to take on an additional patient. In the Emergency Department, a consistent 4:1 ratio, despite patient acuity, has led to several ‘near misses’, a very stressed out and fed up staff. Documented medication errors, chart audits, average patient wait times, and other safety records are being requested to demonstrate the negative outcome of this change.

Another element of EBP that I am actively utilizing in my workplace is the knowledge I acquired while researching my capstone change project on nurse burnout, namely the importance of team building, effective communication, and individual accountability. The chronically oppositional staff I see as being an obstacle. However, my goal is to be a nurse leader who influences staff, and practices EBP consistently and with grace puts the chronically oppositional staff in the minority. I believe once staff sees the positive impact EBP has on their workflow and on patient outcomes, more staff will practice EBP without needing to be coached.



Eastern Illinois University. (2018). Why is evidence-based practice in nursing so important? Retrieved from https://learnonline.eiu.edu/articles/rnbsn/evidence-based-practice-important.aspx


Lippincott Nursing Education. (2017). Keeping up with the times: The importance of evidence-based practice. Retrieved from





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