After going through several discussions in the forum, I found out that people use  Methamphetamine for various reasons; some use the drug for recreational purposes, while others  use the drug to treat illnesses such as ADD and ADHD. From the discussions, there is a belief  that Methamphetamine, if used in smaller doses, can be useful in treating ADHD, although the  people using it for treatment are self-medicating. The drug users seem to understand the dangers  of using Methamphetamine but are adamant that the drug has more positive than adverse  outcomes if used with care. There is also a case whereby the users justify why they use the drug  for recreational purposes, with the agreement being that one cannot be addicted to the drug if  they use it in small doses about twice a month. One user admitted that they had used the drug for  years but always ensures that they eat a healthy diet; they pace themselves while using the  medicine and take time off the drug to avoid dependence.  What surprised me in this forum was the casual nature in which people discussed their drug  use. Methamphetamine is a highly potent stimulant that may permanently affect the central  nervous system as well as the heart, and an overdose can lead to death. According to the forum,  the drug seems to be popular as a weight loss regimen as well as a recreational drug. The use of  Methamphetamine reduces appetite making the user eat less food. Use of the drug is an  unhealthy way of losing weight since it can lead to malnourishment and other side effects of  Methamphetamine, such as psychosis, bleeding in the brain, seizures, and breakdown of the  skeletal muscles. The drug also seems to be easily accessible through online platforms despite it  being a controlled drug.

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