For educational materials –

o 10 hours for viewing the videos, podcasts or attending a session at their workplace on Covid or participating in a webinar.

o 5 hours are for writing a 2-3 paragraph reflection on the main messages received in viewing each of the videos, webinars, etc.. There should be a write-up for each activity turn in.

o With the Portfolio, these write-ups will be included with the addition of a personal reflection.

· 5 hours for writing the three field notes.

o Must include references in the writing of the field note.

· All writing – strict attention to APA format


The video information will be the third field note.

The field note on the video will be 1.5 pages .

let me know how how you plan the 10 hours required. The prof is very strict and am sure she will be looking at the worth of each videos or webinars or podcasts .



your additional two notes must incorporate educational activities and literature review for each note with 2-3 paragraphs per activity – summary, your thoughts, and appropriate synthesis of information with leadership and regulatory. 


I will pay for 3 pages and if its not enough, i will order for more pages. Thanks.


Please, send to writer 584. Thanks

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