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The event that I will focus on in this paper is the Vail Dance Festival. The Festival is a two-week celebration of excellent artistry occurring in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Every year, the event offers more performances from the world’s well-known dancers and companies happening at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater. From the first time I started watching this event to the very end, I realized that its entirety accompanied every tap of dance I studied in the class readings. Each dance excelled in its performance, dancers showing the growth they have gained and the emotions that made each performance unique in its way. There was a very fast speed in the first dance, as several of the performer’s movements were short, sudden, and sharp. They used sharp accents with the bodies and their hand. From this dance, I saw that they were well organized. I liked the level changes and was much surprised to see lifts. The costumes were attractive and fashionable.

The Vail Dance Festival or event features both educational elements and performance, firmly establishing Vail Valleys as one of the best summer dance destinations in the universe. The Dance Festival was a product of the tremendously successful performances by the Bolshoi Ballet of Moscow. The Vail Dance Festival is an incubator of creation. It is found in a tiny town with fresh air, sweeping views, and a curated group of talented artists. It has every ingredient for the natural formation of art. The dancers always dance passionately with their bodies from feet to face. Their joy is contagious. Under the direction of Michelle Dorrance, most dances include choreographic efforts from the performing artists. The marrying of numerous genres of dance can be tricky, but in this event, Dorrance’s capability to deliver quality work is ever apparent. The choreographic dance effortlessly intertwines ballet, tap, lookin, and contemporary dance void o awkward transitions or void of gimmick. The whole cast commences onstage together. A risky duet between ABT’s and Jookin dancer becomes successful, and another short duet between ABT’s might only be the most wonderful thirty seconds of partnering I have ever seen.

In the second act, five men came full-fledged, showing off great litheness capabilities outfitted in their all-white clothing with hoods. They shared a unison that made me have different interpretations of the performance. For most of the performance, the man in the center gave me a sense that the others were mimicking his every move in reference to struggles one has within them daily. My interpretation of him is that I believed related in most of the performance is that he is a leader. Generally, the excellence of their performance was very nice. One could effortlessly tell that they were professional performers. The dance setting was romantic in a way that made me feel like they had known each other well for a long time. I could have a feeling of the connection as they were dancing. After some time, three of the performers who came and danced at the Vail Dance festival astonished me. The music that was playing was “Farruca Solo Compas.” Their dressing was the typical large flamenco outfit, with appropriate hairstyle and makeup.

All the dancers who performed in this dance event did it to their best. The lights were perfect; as they began, I could see their silhouettes dancing, and later they appeared. The performance atmosphere was much intense, and the sound as they tapped their legs against the floor, I could feel the liveliness that they were transmitting. Another thing is that the excellence of their concert was very nice, sometimes they were not coordinated, but they did it with a lot of security and confidence. Furthermore, there was also the music called Fue en Sevilla” by Salamarina, and the dance referred to as “La Primera Vez.” As the movement demonstrated emotion, so did their face. I liked the use of their shirts as a prop; it was very creative. After their dance performance, slow dark emotional music occupied the auditorium. Despite the fact that the entry was melodramatic, I liked it. The movements were not significantly faster as they included walking and slow-motion gestures. All the dancers moved in unity, but individually they appeared to produce a dissimilar kind of energy from their bodies. Apart from the timing that they made, the sharp movements were also perfect. As the dance was progressing, all f them danced with the rhyme of the beat. I liked their music choice since it was great and their movements were very prodigious too. Another thing that I liked and really enjoyed was their use of toe points.

This evident and the dances in it were so good. I could feel the intensity of the dance. It was just like I wanted to stand up and begin dancing like them; It Is just that I did not know the moves. Subsequently, I think my best dance of the performance took place, it was known as “Ode to the Borderlands.” It was a combination of a number of Latin dance styles. The music was “Cuando Piendo en Ti” by Jose Feliciano, “Arrecotin Arrecotan” by Celia Cruz, and “Celia y Tito” by Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. It was full of joy and happiness. I could smile by hearing the songs and watch them dance.

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