1. Answer all the prompts below for that movie.

2. Other essay requirements:

  • IN YOUR OWN WORDS. I want and expect student writing. Sharing essays with others constitutes cheating and will result in a zero for both parties. I will FAIL cut and paste jobs.
  • 2 pages in length
  • 12-pt Times New Roman; double spaced
  • Spelling, capitalization and word usage should be accurate to receive full credit.
  • You MUST include a Works Cited page and cite ALL sources in MLA format. You must use in-text citations. Use in-line citations or footnotes or it will be assumed that you copy and pasted and you will receive a ZERO.
  • Citizen Kane1. Read the synopsis here (Links to an external site.).2. Read about the musical score here (Links to an external site.). 3. Read about the composer here (Links to an external site.). 4. Watch the Breakfast Scene clip here (Links to an external site.)Citizen Kane: Breakfast montage5. Answer the following prompts in an essay.
    • Who was the director of Citizen Kane? Provide a brief bio in your own words and cite your sources.
    • Who was the music composer for Citizen Kane? Provide a brief bio in your own words and cite your sources.
    • Describe the music during each of the following time segments. What is happening in the scene at each point? How does the music support the dialogue?
    1. 0:30-1:17
    2. 1:18-2:00
    3. 2:00-2:39

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