Scholarly Practice Project Topic -Does the use of Personal Emergency Response System/Lifeline Device System prove to be effective in decreasing fall related Injuries among elders living alone at home that are 65 and older with multiple co-morbidities.

See Instructions below and Attach all 5 studies in PDF format to the paper. Studies Must be published within the last 5 years. Thank you.


For your initial post, you will continue to build the literature review matrix that you began in the NU740 course. During the first half of this course, you will be conducting a comprehensive literature review.

Once all the relevant studies have been gathered, reviewed, abstracted, and critiqued, you will be analyzing the data and synthesizing it into Chapter II of your Scholarly Practice Project paper. Your goal will be to review and enter 25 studies into your Literature Review Matrix, due in Week 11. A manageable goal would be to review and enter around three studies per week.

**To start this process, perform an initial review of the literature and discover one each of the following that relates to your Scholarly Practice Project topic:

  1. Qualitative study
  2. Quantitative study
  3. Mixed-methods study
  4. Meta-synthesis
  5. Meta-analysis

What challenges did you face in finding these five studies in your project? Post PDFs of all five of the articles you located in these categories to the Discussion Board. Give an overview of their applicability to your project, the challenges you faced in locating these studies, and reference the five articles in correct APA format. Please review APA format in the APA Manual

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