Ursula Infractions against the Crown

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Ursula Infractions against the Crown

Ursula is regarded as the leading antagonists of Disney’s animated film “The Little Mermaid.” In the film she possesses several distinct traits, making her a favorite subject for study and therefore this is the reason we decided to select her for our study. Ursula is a heinous sea witch who typically helps merfolk to achieve her individual objectives and goals. She is portrayed in the film as a wicked person who uses her abilities as well as powers to influence and control other individuals for her gains. In some instance, for example, she pursued to some exact revenge after she was expelled from Atlantica by King Triton who existed as her long-lasting rival. She sought her revenge by seizing Triton’s throne and also taking the total control of the oceanic, like a queen (Trinh et al., p.7). Ursula’s ardent self-confidence, flamboyance as well as theatrics have resulted in her being one of topmost popular besides being an icon of all the Disney villains.

Her personality is defined as being evil, power-hungry, greedy, cruel, and cunning, power-hungry, hot-tempered and dangerous among other wicked character traits. In her mode of life, Ursula is characterized by numerous offenses which calls for severe punishment for example rebellion against the patriarchal crown and unlawful use of arms alongside the royal family among other heinous crimes. Therefore, for this reason, she is termed wanted for her to face the law for her mischief actions.

There are many issues raised from Ursula “The Little Mermaid” film, especially from Ursula’s character. From the feminist perception, she exemplifies a personality that depicts the authenticities behind people’s anticipations of women and portrays a more accurate affiliation among men and women. The film presents a lot of disparities in the society whereby the male and the female gender are represented differently (Palmater and Pamela, p.277). For example, Ursula is given the role of the antagonists in the film. Moreover, Disney’s patriarchal ideology is exhibited in that any woman with supremacy has to be characterized as a bad thing in society. Ursula’s appearance similarly corresponds with the other evil females in other Disney films, therefore becoming a metonymic symbol as the evil women typically share the similar somatic features as well.

Infractions that Ursula Committed

The following are the list of some violations conducted by Ursula, which makes her be put under wanted to face the consequences of her actions. However, some of these infractions tend to be not that serious, but they carry a point in them.

Insurgence against the Patriarchal Crown

Ursula applies her powers in the wrong way by using it to attain ultimate power to become the leader of the sea domain when King Triton presents and offers himself for Ariel’s liberty (Bell et al., p.32). Therefore, Ursula ought to be punished for her strength as well as the power to influence other individuals as well as nature.

Using Powers and Magic for Personal Gains

Ursula commits this offense when she trickles Ariel that she will transform her into a human and in return, Ariel was to give her voice to Ursula, and she was not going to get it back whether the transformation process fails or not. She uses this trick for her gains since she wanted to use Ariel’s voice to make some revenge to the king.

Hypersexual Self-Presentation

Ursula presents herself as an individual with a big attitude problem and with a wicked sense of humor. After she was evacuated from Atlantica, she started some trade deals where she lures people by speaking in an exceptionally manipulative and sarcastic tone, pretending that her only concern is the pleasing satisfaction of her customers (Jones and Sara, p.14). This trick makes her schemes easier to fall for and when she feels that deal is not going through she remedies to pressure the victims to accept her offer.

Theft of Loyal Weapons

The trident is considered a royal and a magical weapon and it serves as king’s Triton royal weapon. Therefore being a high weapon, it is only the king or the associates of his bloodline who are obliged or are capable of removing it from its initial resting location. Ursula who is a sea witch has strongly desired this weapon due to its magical abilities. However, usually in one occasion manages to steal it through her tricks, and when the weapon is in her hands, she grows to an enormous extent and thus creates a huge whirlpool in the ocean that has as much force that it rises sunken ships from the ocean surface (Sharmin et al., p.55). Moreover, Ursula commits another crime using this weapon when she exploits its powerful lightning bolts which are predestined to guard Atlantica, to in its place try to kill Princess Ariel.

Refusal to Conform To the Standards of Thin and White Feminism

Ursula physical appearance does not resemble that of a typical female. She exhibits some octopus-like look in her lower body parts, while the upper parts resemble that of a female but in some way not according to the standards of thin and white which is common to the majority of the women in their locality. Her body is enormous, and also her upper body parts tend to have some muscles. Also, Ursula is dark in tone, and she exhibits a wicked sense of humor (Davis and Amy, p.277). Although this infraction tends not to make some sense, it is evident that her appearance betrayed her as she looked abnormal.

Illegal Use of Weapons against the Crown

It is considered illegal to use any weapon aimed towards hurting or killing the members of the crown. However, Ursula breaks this rule when she stills the trident weapon and tries to murder Ariel. Though she does not succeed in her mission to kill her, she commits this crime and thus she ought to pay for it.

Rejection of Hegemonic Family Formation

By attacking the members of the crown especially Ariel who was the king’s daughter and also Eric, Ursula shows that she was against the continued ruling of the royal family. When she tries to kill Ariel, her father agrees to take her place, and it seems Ursula is determined to kill one of them.

Entering Into the Domain of the Wealthy White Mer-Neighborhoods

At some point, she breaks the norms by transforming herself into another being and thus she can enter into wealthy white neighborhoods which were segregated. These places are not for every individual, and therefore this shows the existence of racial disparity in these regions (Sharmin et al., p.57). However, according to the stipulated laws, she breaks this rule, and consequently, she has thus she has to be punished.

It is evident from the film that although Ursula as a character commits many offenses, there are some social problems like sexism, racism and gender disparity which is portrayed in this film. These issues typically result in these offenses which Ursula seems to commit occasionally.

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