Update your Personal Learning Goals 

For this assignment, you will be submitting your reflection on your learning and progress you have made toward achieving your personal learning goals.

Reflection Instructions

In your submitted reflection document, include your original goal statements and comment on each of them. Please review the Reflection Guidelines for additional information.


Reflection Guidelines

To effectively utilize this important learning strategy, you should reflect on your learning and the goals that you created for yourself throughout each module. The following questions do not all need to be answered in your reflections, and are posed as a framework to help you start thinking about your learning. Depending on your own learning, your reflection may focus elsewhere. 

  • How does your learning in this course and module intersect with your goals? How might you use this knowledge as an opportunity to further your goals?
  • What steps did you take during this module to meet your goals?
  • What activities or tools helped you learn and/or move closer to your goals during this module?
  • What did you find interesting and/or aligned to your goals?
  • What was challenging? How did you overcome those challenges?

Each of your reflections should be about a paragraph long (about 100-200 words) , however, you are free to write as much as you would like. Your reflection can be written in a conversational format. It does not need to be in APA format, however, as with any assignment you submit,

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