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Unit VII Journal

If I am presented with a job opportunity to work in a daycare setting or in an adult/nursing-home setting, I would choose to work with adults. The reason why I chose to work with adults is that they are not complex in working with and suffers less conditions compared to adults. It is easier to diagnose and even treat an adult than a child. There are various challenges that are associated with working with the adult populations in a nursing home. One of the major problems is that they are unwilling to ask for help. There are various reasons why adults fail to ask for help. For example, they believe they are capable and do not need any help and also, they might be in dire need for help, but they are afraid of being embarrassed to ask.

Another major challenge that can be encountered when working with adults is dealing with dementia. Most adults suffer from dementia, and this can be a major challenge as they may not recognize the care provider and neither can they recognize that a health provider is there to help them. Dealing with dementia patients can be troubling to the healthcare provider and also horrifying to the patients, and therefore caution must be taken when dealing with them. Another challenge is providing personal care and treatment, which is often provided to the elderly who cannot care for themselves. Finally, it is not always easy to trust new people, and this is what happens when dealing with the elderly. It is difficult for them to develop an emotional attachment, especially if the patients are harsh, and this prevents the provision of quality care.

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