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Date:Uniform Commercial Code

The application of the Uniform Commercial Code applies when the parties involved have their relationships predominantly get involved with goods or services. According to AOG, their relationship with Messa was predominantly a relationship for the purpose of providing goods. Based on this, it is evident that the UCC code applies to the AOG case. According to the defendants, AOG provided repair services, and while the services provided may have involved goods. The primary purpose of why AOG was consulted to work in Messa Company was to service the wheels, tires, and the brakes of the crafts owned by Messa. Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code only applies to transactions regarding goods and not to services or repair contracts. However, in the case of AOG, the main challenge is that AOG provided both goods and services. When the predominant element of the contract involves the sale of goods, then the UCC code applies since the contract is perceived as a sales contract, even if there was a minimal amount of services offered. The same case applies to AOG since they supplied goods and also did the installation, and therefore, the UCC code applies.

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