Read Case 10, “Lazier Industries,” in Understanding Business Strategy, pg. C-121 thru C-125.

As CEO of Lazier Industries, you have thought long and hard about how to address the company’s issues with its leadership team. To gain clarity and formulate a plan for moving forward, you have decided to document your strategic thought process.

Your assessment of the situation takes into account the following considerations:

1. Strategic Leadership – What are your expectations from Lazier’s strategic leaders?

2. Human Resources – What are the specific human resource issues that require immediate resolution?

3. Culture of Innovation – How can your human resource management decisions impact the entrepreneurial culture of the company?

4. Managerial Labor Market – Weigh the pros and cons of filling key roles from outside of the organization and compare to the benefits of promoting from within.

5. Time for Action – Outline a specific plan to resolve your pressing management issues and move the company forward.

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