Two discussion responses, 250 words each, and 2 references

One: Four dimensions comprise the essence of empowerment: meaning, competence, self-determination, and impact” (Nelson, pg.194, 2018). The company I work for provides workers with training, mentoring, and classes to ensure employees are competent in their jobs. That will empower and help provide confidence to succeed in their position. “Without competence, employees will feel inadequate and lack a sense of empowerment” (Nelson, pg.194,2018). Impact is another way the company makes employees feel empowered. They constantly remind us no matter the position everyone plays a vital role in the company’s success. This makes employees value work and gives a sense of ownership to employees.

My manager is achievement oriented when making key decision. Who focuses on the outcomes of key decisions. Striving to towards satisfaction and achievement. Also, supportive with her approach and understanding the effects of her decisions. If I was a leader of an organization, I would ensure there is structure. Also, I would be direct with my employees on what is expected from them. Inspire them to be the best version of themselves. Establish trust and ensure employees opinions matter. Confirming that respect goes both ways between manager and employee.

I feel I am both powerful and powerless. I oversee specific task and employees that makes me feel empowered or powerful. The feeling of having influence over most situations when in charge of specific task and employees. I feel powerless when working directly with my boss. I must follow her instructions. I do not feel as if I have much of a voice or opinion. Rather just to do the tasked in the manner she wants. Therefore, sometimes that makes me feel powerless. A feeling of having no control over the situation. Where my manager has both influence and authority over me.” Influence is the process of affecting the thoughts, behavior, and feelings of another person. Authority is the right to influence another person.”(Nelson, pg. 180, 2018)

“The key to using all five types of interpersonal power ethically is to be sensitive to employees’ concerns and to communicate well” (Nelson, pg. 184, 2018). The most powerful person I know would be my regional manager. He oversees an entire region and ensures all locations operate efficiently. He has the power to implement changes and fire people if needed. He uses empowerment as a tool to lead employees in the right directions. Empowering them to be successful. “Information power may flow upward from subordinates to managers as well as downward from managers to subordinates” (Nelson, pg.184, 2018). Therefore, understanding information is constantly flowing in both directions. Respect and trust are important no matter title of the person communicating the information.

Nelson, D. L. & Quick, J. C. (2019). ORGB6: Organizational behavior (6th Edition). Boston, MA: Cengage.

two: 1. The degree that the people in my specific work environment are empower for me seems like the whole spectrum . There is many moments in which I find myself surrounded by some people more there for the financial benefit of the career than the opportunity to help someone overcome their condition. Depending on your role there is more incentive to complete your job in a safety and efficient manner since empowering employees productivity leads to greater returns (Nelson & Quick,2019). My manager could serve to be clearly when making key decisions although participation style it is usually left to interpretation. There is a signify “team of rivals” with each us having had compete for the position He seems to be a bit of a flip flop but whenever he sticks to a certain way of processing problems all is reasonable. As one of the future manager of the organization I would implement more strategic decision making and team empowering skills that are much more intensive and best allows my personal success.

2. I personally think of my self of being powerful and powerless so definitely a bit of both. I don’t feel like everyone can do well in everything the same way I don’t see someone that powerful in one situation being powerful in another its just not realistic. Power is defined as the degree in which you are able to influence the people around you (Nelson & Quick, 2019). I believe that this degree differs from scenario and person but there is certain average and more importantly ways to increase one’s power.

3. One of the most powerful person I know personally is my boss district manager. He holds all the power since he coordinates for the region and will be directly involve in hiring me. This person is also powerful for the way he not only engages team member but ways of making decision. The person uses this power as a toll to better help us understand the role we serve and how that role can benefit the company as a whole. By using a more achievement oriented style he is able to stimulate growth in our skills through having us meet challenging goals (Nelson & Quick, 2019). Raven 5 specific interpersonal forms of power were reward, legitimate, reference, expert, and informational power which through simply obtaining the position makes him legitimate and being a knowledge based he serves as an expert on the profession and is always will to serve us that information for informational power. Finally by mixing these with promises of rewards but not really being there for reference except emergency.

Nelson, D. L. & Quick, J. C. (2019). ORGB6: Organizational behavior (6th Edition). Boston, MA: Cengage.

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