• Write a 500-600 word essay that completely answers the following question: Some have argued that medical research ought to be prohibited from involving vulnerable populations — including fetuses, oppressed social groups, those with a reduced capacity to consent, and the terminally ill. In thinking about the various principles outlined in Barry’s textbook, how would one’s choice of theory affect how they approach the question of doing research on vulnerable populations?”


Length: 500-600 words

Format: Follow correct APA Style and include all required components. APA 6th ed CHECKLIST

Help with Research and Writing: View the CSS Writing and Research online resource for help with all aspects of your writing.
Submitting your assignment: Written assignments must be submitted in Blackboard as an attachment. Assignments need to be written using some type of word processing software (preferably Microsoft Word). Be sure to include your name in the assignment file name as well as in the document header. Click here to view video instructions on how to submit an assignment in Blackboard.

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