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1.   The Army is using a troop transport to relocate civilians out of a combat zone.  Unfortunately, the transport has been involved in a roll-over accident. There are 30 civilians involved, but thankfully only four are serious. As a physician assistant who has rushed to the scene, in which order would you prioritize the below injured civilians (from highest to lowest)?  Provide a brief justification for why you placed each individual in the order that you did.  


A.   A 30-year-old male with multiple lower extremity fractures who is awake, has a strong radial pulse, and is complaining of severe pain

B.   A 35-year-old pregnant female with a cut on her head, neck pain, and numbness and tingling in her arms

C.   A 70-year-old female who is awake but does not appear to be breathing, cannot speak, and has absent lung sounds on the right side

D.  An unresponsive 9-year-old male with an open, bleeding skull fracture who is in cardiac arrest

I want to know the triage and transport order and why based on the injuries sustained.


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