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Question 1

Trager, Rudd, Billy, and the men in the warehouse are in the same social class because they are working men with blue-collar. They all stand up for corrupt business corporations and owners as middlemen for transactions. Those bosses who are greatly invisible rely on them to bring money from their investments and assets. These men work in a firm that is in an industry. Another thing is that they have the skills and strength that their bosses require. Both Rudd, Trager, Billy, and the warehouse men have limited education. They never did well in school, particularly Rudd signifying that their jobs were not paying well. The low-paying professions that they were working at and the minimal education made it difficult for these men to support their families. All of them had similar income levels.

Question 2

Rudd and Trager mainly used non-violent means to acquire what they needed. The manner in which they used the non-violent means worked because if they wanted to keep individuals from backing out on their deals, they made frequent face-to-face interactions. I believe that the reason why they used non-violent ways is because of their body type. They did not want to get injured because they were mentioned to be small and not muscular. It worked for them since they did not want to come in contact with the law enforcement or get into issues and ultimately go to prison. Pete would need to make his mind to continue to support his family by working at the restaurant or giving up the way to support his family.

Question 3

In the society of these days, individuals use technology to keep up with the daily news, among other things that go on in the world. In real everyday life in the United States, this happens regularly. Most information heard from the radio is mostly true, but individuals are more occupied with their information on other social media platforms. One example is that of the Corona Virus in the contemporary days. No person knows what information is real and which one is not real or just fake. During the period of this crisis, the government pleads with people to stay at home and quarantine, but people do not see the essence of these words. People do not pay attention to politics and the things that go on since most of them do not believe what they hear on the radio.

Question 4

At the end of the story, the fluidity of social structures is revealed. Upon the end of this story, something that happens to the corporation that Trager and Rudd worked for is that it became legitimized. Something good is that they no longer needed to worry about where their income would come from. In the end, there is no need for them to have other side jobs to support their families. Another thing is that they no longer need to have worries about the government coming in and taking away their business that was not legitimate.         

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