Need two references for each topic discussion.

Topic Discussion 1

During your practicum, determine what clinical problem or issue the organization is facing. Discuss two implications for nursing.

1.issue the organization/Nursing shortage


Two implications:

1. increase in infections 

2. low ratings with lack of patient satisfaction


Topic discussion 2.

What is the main issue for your organization in addressing a solution to evidence-based nursing practice? Discuss what might be the first step in addressing and resolving this issue.


Nursing shortage the biggest turn around, overworked, lack of communication


Capstone Topic Summary

**Topic: Infection control/complications and Prevention of Intravascular Catheter/grafts related Infections in dialysis patients


In collaboration with the approved course preceptor, students will identify a specific evidence-based topic for the capstone project change proposal. Write a 150-250 word summary explaining which category your topic and intervention are under (community or leadership).

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