Falls are a major public health concern globally, with sequelae ranging from minor injuries to serious injuries such as head injuries and death (Cuttler et al., 2017). Despite its global recognition, falls remain a major concern among the elderly. My proposed solution to mitigating inpatient falls among the elderly is to increase nurse engagement in fall prevention educational programs. Education has been used as a single intervention or as part of a multifactorial intervention in many fall management programs. Although many interventions have focused on patient education in hospitals, educating health care professionals, primarily nurses, has been recognized as a priority to improve hospital patient safety (Shaw et al., 2020). I propose a 3-hour weekly one-on-one session to educate the nurses on the latest evidence-based fall management strategies and risk assessment.

I envisioned the evidence-based educational program having a significant impact on the nurses. Nurses and other health care professionals will benefit from the high-quality interactive educational programs on applying new evidence-based in-patient fall screening tools to mitigate the risk of falls (Shaw et al., 2021). In addition, through the education program, nurses will acknowledge the importance of evidence in fall prevention and will be more confident in applying the best strategies in fall prevention.

My perspective on my change project has been inspired by the fact that many studies on fall management have focused on patient education. However, there is also a knowledge gap among health care professionals on managing falls that need to be addressed. Health care professionals must employ new evidence-based fall management practices (Shaw et al., 2021). I, therefore, intended to use interactive education sessions to educate nurses on the latest evidence-based fall management strategies and risk assessments.


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