Cover Letter Some people are more intimidated by the cover letter than the resume.

Here are some cover letter tips to help you make a great first impression and pre-interview with your potential employer.

Remember you are writing to a person

A letter is something that you address to another person.

You must tailor your letter to the hiring manager for the posting.

You should not be robotic as if you are writing for a program that scans for it.

You should do one thing before you start writing to learn more about the person you are writing to.

Do your research on the manager’s position, role, specializations, and values.

You may be able to find some of their pages and blog posts, which could reveal something unique to them.

Find a way to play to their interests subtly – but even if your research comes across as evident, you may be praised for your diligence and paying attention to the entire application process.

Try using a cover letter builder

Technology has taken us to the point where you can use websites to put together parts of your resume and pump out a decent cover letter.

If you’re stuck with your writing and need some inspiration, free online cover letter builders can help you keep the process moving.

They may even have some nursing cover letter examples for you to check out and consider as you are trying to finish your document.

However, it is not advisable to take these letters at face value – you should always read, check, and improve the writing of the resulting cover letter.

Note that since others may be using the same resume builder as you, there’s a high chance that your cover letters may look and read in a similar manner – which is not a good look.

Always check and personalize any cover letters you submit during your job search.

Check spelling and grammar

Unlike the resume, which comprises bullet points that are carefully organized to tell the story of your experience and qualifications, cover letters depend on your writing and communication skills.

It reveals how you write, which may indicate how you speak, how you relate with other people, and how you think critically.

A simple spell check and reread can catch any errors that could throw off your potential employer.


All application processes may not require the nursing cover letter, but it’s a great way to connect with the hiring manager on a human level and explain who you are as a registered nurse and as a person.

The resume and cover letter go hand in hand in painting a picture of your character to a team that has not met you yet.

It is ideal for making a good and robust impression through your cover letter, which adds to your credibility as a reliable nurse and desirable addition to the team.


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