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As a student, I find that some theory or area of research resonates with me in this course more than others. Another thing is that the concept of this course can be more applied to real-world situations and increase my chances of career or life success. The concept of this course helps me understand why individuals act in a particular way, how they respond to the world around them, and the main factors that might affect this; they might be biological, social, or emotional. The psychology concept is beneficial in real life. One thing is that it improves communication skills. It makes it easier to understand how people behave and think while communicating with others. With the assistance of psychology, individuals can understand actions and gestures, which makes communication even easier. I realize that the concept of this course can be applied in real life and career in the areas of counseling psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, clinical psychology, and occupational health psychology, among many others. This concept can help me throughout my career, even if I don’t become a professional psychologist in success strategies, personal therapy, problem-solving skills, behavioral training skills, conceptual reasoning, and memorization techniques. The concept of this course can increase the chances of my career or success in life.

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