Theoretical Framework Individual Paper


Each student will write a paper that can be based on his/her research interest/capstone project and a potential theoretical framework that could be related to that area of interest. The paper should be no more than 5 pages (excluding title page and references). Paper should have introduction, headings/subheadings, and a conclusion. 


Describe your area of interest briefly. What problem/s would you like to solve and why? What is the significance of this problem (based on professional literature)? (20 points)


Identify a potential theoretical framework (not Lewin’s Change Theory) that could be related to your area of interest, and provide a brief overview of the theory. Provide a theoretical definition (based on literature) for each major theoretical concept in the theory. Identify proposed interrelationships among the major theoretical concepts. Describe how the concepts could be operationalized into measurement variables (How can you measure them? Is there some sort of scale, questionnaire, etc.?). (40 points)


Analyze how you could view your problem through the framework. For example, for my dissertation (which was research-based, not a QI project like what you will be doing), I looked at the effect of reflective writing on critical thinking skills. I used a critical thinking theory by Richard Paul. I found that all of the concepts of critical thinking that Paul described were critical thinking skills that I looked for in my students. Based on literature, those were the skills that all nursing faculty looked for in BSN students. I also found that his concepts had a relationship to writing skills and reflective writing in particular, based on a literature review. I also found a questionnaire that Paul contributed to that measured critical thinking. Therefore, there was cohesion among my theoretical framework, my theoretical definitions, and my operationalization. How does the theoretical framework that you identified contribute to your project? (40 points)

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