54. The word that is defined by “The ability of an organism to maintain relatively constant internal conditions” is:
a) evolution
b) homeostasis
c) metabolism
d) energy
e) behavior

55. The electrons of an atom are:
A. always equal to the number of neutrons in an atom
B. found in the nucleus
C. used to determine atomic number
D. positively charged
E. moving in pathways called orbitals.
56. All of the following pertain to the atom except it:
A. has 6 protons
B. has 6 electrons
C. has 14 neutrons
D. is an isotope of carbon
E. has a mass number of 14

57. The subatomic particles that surround the nucleus are the:
A. electrons
B. protons
C. neutrons
D. protons and neutrons
E. protons and electrons

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