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The ‘Passover’ Holiday

The Hebrew people celebrate the Passover holiday to commemorate their liberation from slavery in the land of Egypt. commemorators of the Passover usually start this holiday on the 15th day of the Nisan all the way to the 21st day. In modern Christianity, it falls in March and April. The Passover has a deeper meaning attached to the phrase. It symbolizes how God through His Angel, Angel Michael, passed over the houses of Israelites smeared by blood while killing the firstborn sons of the Egyptian people. God allowed these deaths to force the king of Egypt to release the Israelites out of bondage. There are rules that commemorators must follow during this special celebration that lasts for seven to eight days. All leaven, whether in mixtures or bread, are to be avoided.

Hebrews were allowed to only feed on unleavened bread, which they termed as Matzo. Matzo is a symbol of the pain and suffering the Israelites went through at the hands of the Egyptian rulers. It also depicts the deliverance journey of the Israelites from Egypt by God. For this reason, the Passover is sometimes referred to as the ‘The Feast of the Unleavened Bread.’ On the first night of the feast, families usually gather in a ceremony known as the ‘seder, and special meals are served. During this gathering, traditional recitations and prayers are performed. In the Passover festival, people unite and rejoice. Laws, however, restrict people from working on the first and last day of the feast. All sects of Judaism are expected to come together and share in this celebration. Similar practices are carried out throughout the feast.

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