“The Milky way” Documentaries movie”


— source The movies about -“The U.S. has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, despite the fact it is the natural way to feed an infant. How did breastfeeding become the exception rather than the norm in America? And what would it take to restore this most natural act to its rightful place in society? The Milky Way follows two accomplished lactation specialists, pediatric nurses Jennifer Davidson and Chantal Molnar, on a journey to discover how pervasive formula marketing and the modern challenges of motherhood changed the perception of breastfeeding in America, and why in other countries breastfeeding remains the standard”


  • Running Time: 94 mins

Year: 2014

Subjects: Documentaries

  • Instruction 

– — summarizes the main topics discussed and connects these topics to one issue that we have brought up in class. Your summary must in be in your own words, and must include specific details, examples, and quotes. Your connection to course material must also be specific( example target and agent) and include specific examples with references and page numbers, or dates. General answers will not receive credit.

  • — you can add from the book agent and target to connect the movie with the course material…  

— other source book — beyond inclusion, beyond empowerment: A developmental strategy to liberate everyone– 2014, ISBN 978-0-9766112-0-2 


Thank you 


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