Assignment includes a historical background of the assigned Gospel(s) and identify the literary convention of assigned gospel with examples from text.

From your study of the genre here are questions that should help with the paper and presentation.

1. What did Jesus say about himself?

3. What did the people he encountered believe about him? Who are they?

4. Describe Jesus’ character. From your reading, what was his personality?

5. How did his encounters and character impact the spreading of the Gospel?

6. Who was the specific audience of this gospel? What tells you this?

7. How does Jesus deliver the message in this Gospel that’s different from the others?




Organize the paper into the guideline below.

·       The paper should be 1000 words.

·       The student is to use the third person in writing the paper.

·       The entire paper should be double- spaced.

·       Margins are left and right one inch each

·       The font is 12 pt. Times New Roman.

·       The required style of writing is Turabian.

·       Insert page numbers centered at the bottom of each page

·       No headers or footers


·       Include the completed Title page

·       Bibliography is a separate page

·       Rubric is the last page

·       Label the document: Lastname Gospel Genre BIB510 Fall 20222

Begin paper on the following pag



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