The documentary ‘The Secret’ was produced in the year 2006


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The documentary ‘The Secret’ was produced in the year 2006. It is based on the concept of the law of attraction suggesting that we get attracted to the things we desire. The documentary consists of a series of interviews from different personalities explaining the ‘meta’ part of the human being. Meta according to the documentary is the unseen part of the human being, the part controlled by the brain. If we need something, we must get attracted, have a positive mind and take action for satisfaction on what we want. The things that a person wants can be satisfied through believing in an outcome, continuous thinking regarding the need as well as the maintenance of a positive emotional state to ensure attraction of the desired outcome.

The personality of a person is spiritual, and that means that the soul of a person dictates whom they are and what they need. One doesn’t have to know how to do something for them to accomplish it, but the primary issue is to have a positive mind that they can make it and attain what they want. Whom we are, or the expressions of our thoughts are based on the positive and negative aspects, for example, a person says that they not feeling well implying that they have a sense of negativity in them, while I feel good suggests that the person is positive. It is all about the unseen part to dictate what we need, putting some energy for action and then maintaining the positivity as the body is controlled by the mind. The filmmaker intends to make aware the viewers that a mind is a powerful tool in the realization of an individual’s goals. If a person has got a product in mind, they need to be persistent take action to actualize the product, and the advertise it with a colorful and attractive message to make attraction from people. The filmmaker further states that the people who are wealthy have more ‘meta’ power with the ability and strong attraction to actualizing things as they perceive them in their mind.

The film is of high quality concerning the messages as it involves the use of interviews to make the message more relevant and valid. People believe on the success of others through visualizing as well as the presentation of testimonies from the person’s mouth and therefore using real people to give their testimony makes the film to be of better quality. To make the viewer understand more easily, visual images at the background that are relevant to the topic of discussion are passed, and as well the keywords said by the presenter are written at the background making it easy for the reader to capture every detail of the interview and this makes the film to be of high quality.

Various elements in the documentary have been incorporated working together to produce a response from the viewer. The transitions of the words and images at the background are well matched with what the speaker says. Taking into consideration that the documentary is all about mental visualization, the transitions of the messages provides a clear imagination by developing a picture of fading items. Images and the gestures used by the speakers as well play a great role in making the film help in triggering a response from the viewer as images crisscross over the mind while the words from the speaker do their magic in the viewer’s mind. Attitude is derived from either being positive or negative concerning a certain issue and therefore if a person wants something to happen they have to start with the mind and eventually the body. The mind should control the body and not the vice versa as the strength and will-power come from within, the ability to overcome difficulties and other situations is through the mind, the unseen part being positive and persistent.


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