Culture is what a community where one comes from has been practicing since time in memorial. The practices can be based on religion, belief, and even the place where the community originated from. In different parts of the world, different cultural practices take place. The significance of the different cultural practices can only be explained best by the people who are practicing them, even though the younger generation are not practicing them as they used to be. Some of the cultural practices may look familiar but the meaning of the practice to the various the communities different.

In Saudi Arabia women are required to wear long dresses (Hijab) that covers up to the ankles, the women must also have their head covered with the headscarves all the time. The reason behind that is because of the religious background (Islam). Saudi Arabia is mostly a Muslim country thus the culture of wearing long dresses covering up to the ankles. In Africa there are some communities such as Kenya where the wearing of long dresses is considered as symbol of respect. Most women with children who have married tend to wear long dresses as it is considered a taboo for a son in-law to see the knee of the mother in-Law. Drinking alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, but in other cultures alcohol was considered as very vital in some cultures. Among the Kikuyu community in Kenya, alcohol was part and parcel of dowry negotiation event. Without the alcohol the dowry negotiation could not take place as the elders needed something to keep their throats from becoming “dry” from the immense talking that took place in such a cultural event.

The United States is home to various cultures as most of the citizens of the country are from different cultures. The original community of the United States was the Red Indians, thus the cultural practices of the Red Indians can be considered the cultural practice of the United States of America. Unlike Saudi Arabia which is where I originate from, where the Muslim culture dominate. In Saudi Arabia women and men do not sit together in any social gatherings, the women sit separate from the men even in the places of worship. It is a culture that has been in practice for a very long time, the significance of the culture was to allow the women to have their own space to discuss their own issues. The other reason was to avoid unnecessary contact between the men, and women which might lead to sexual desires (Frady, 2002) .

Comparing the cultures back in Saudi Arabia and the United states, in America there is no specific culture that can be related with the people of the United States. Looking at the history of America, the different communities have had to fight in order to be noticed and appreciated. Among the Black community in the United States, Martin Luther King Jnr has remained in the heart of many black people as the person who fought for their rights (Frady, 2002) . The efforts of Martin Luther King did also help other communities that were considered inferior or alien in the United States to be respected. His dream of having a country that respects the rich diversity of culture in the United States is becoming true with each passing day. The recent example is the election of a black man as the president of the United States of America (Reading critically, 2012).

In America kissing in public is considered as affection, so is hugging. In Saudi Arabia it is considered a sin a violation of the Islamic religion. Life in America compared to Saudi Arabia is very different. In America strict observation of the law is enough to keep one out of trouble. In Saudi Arabia one has to follow the countries law to the latter and also follow the religious law to the latter. Breaking one of the rules from either side would land one in trouble.

Among the Red Indians the culture of curing using the old ways is still practiced to date, just as in the contemporary world of medicine. That is among the best cultures I have come across in the United States. Their traditional doctors have been at one time or the other managed to cure some diseases that seemed impossible using modern medicine. The Red Indians also practices the hospitality culture that is to mean any person can go into a Red Indian community be accepted and even live among them. The only condition that is that such a person maintains peace and respect (Reading critically, 2012).


The different cultural practices among the different communities was meant to guide the communities, some practices were put in place to bring the community together. If that is the case, then the different cultural practices can be used to promote peaceful co-existence of people from different cultures. Every year various people from different cultures throng Brazil to take part in the Carnival celebrations, if such a cultural event can bring people together, then cultural diversity is very vital in promoting world peace.


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