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First generation physician essay

My goal is to become a physician and use my practice in the underserved community I grew up in. I grew up in a low-income neighbourhood on the far east side of Indianapolis, Indiana, until I graduated High school and joined the U.S Navy. Being a first-generation physician within my immediate family is vital to the patients and communities I will ultimately serve. People who grow up in these neighbourhoods should have physicians they can relate to.

My family is poor, and I’m the first in my immediate family to choose medicine. The experience of being a first-generation physician within my immediate family will have an impact on who I will end up serving in my career as a physician.

I left the air force after college and was able to attend the Indiana University School of Medicine. This was not an easy transition for me to make from being in the military to entering medical school. My first-semester orientation covered politics and religion. Class discussions about religion were less than ideal for me, but I wanted to fit in with the people at Indiana University School of Medicine.

I grew up in a single-parent household with my mother and brother. My household was very dependent on government assistance to maintain. My parents were 16 and 17 when they had me and never married. My mother had to work two jobs to provide for my brother and me. My mom worked the night shift at a hotel, and my father worked during the day as a Medicaid driver.

High school is the highest level of education for both my parents. My mother was unemployed for most of my life, and my dad was a driver. Currently, my mom works for united airlines as a baggage handler, and my dad is an entrepreneur with a trucking business.

I am the first in my family to receive a bachelor’s degree. I am striving towards my medical degree and will be the first physician in my family. I’m hoping that my degree will inspire others in my family to attend college and focus on a higher level of education. I aim to be a role model for those who grow up in low-income neighbourhoods.

My parents grew up during the time of segregation, and my parents are not familiar with the current climate for racial issues around the United States. My parents would have difficulty understanding that there is still inequality in healthcare, especially regarding women’s health, pre-existing conditions and insurance discrimination. I think this is due to their race or lack of interaction with people outside their own race.

This means so much because not only will I be in a profession that I have a passion for, but I also will be setting the standard for my family and generations to come. In advocating for my patients, I will be defending patients’ rights to have access to health care. I will also advocate to improve the healthcare system to ensure equal access and prevent discrimination. This would serve my community immensely because many in my community are unaware of the system imposed on them due to poverty and lack of education. The low quality of healthcare they receive will affect the health of their families and, therefore, the health of their community. I believe that it is my responsibility as a physician to help those who cannot afford traditional medicine or are not able to find a doctor who understands their concerns.

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