The Disney Company

The Disney Company

In regards to any company that is trying to work themselves into the blue ocean strategy, four main sequences have to be followed. The main sequences include price, buyer utility, cost and adoption hurdles. By having all these sequences implemented, the Disney company can thus, consider itself as being commercially viable for execution of the blue ocean strategy (Kim & Mauborgne, 2005).

From this perspective the Disney, company mainly through the theme parks is seen as being properly structured for executing the Blue Ocean Strategy. Disney as a company offers something for all age brackets namely from 1 to 99 years. They offer many shops, foods, rides, and shows that appeal to most of the customers. Even though the prices at Disney World are costly, they do offer many attractions within the park for these price ranges.

It would be ideal to buy tickets by packages to get better savings, and it is possible to see everything on the park in a single day.

The cost of sustaining the Disney theme parks may be hefty; however, the management is to manage and maintain their strategic prices mainly through using stakeholders and funds from other activities and areas such as the Walt Disney movies and merchandise. While creating their theme parks, the Walt Disney Company never experienced any significant adoption hurdles. They created an atmosphere that most people could relate and associate with mainly due to its universal appeal. Their positive and unique environment is what mainly maintains the company swimming in their blue ocean idea.

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