The discussion on water has been one of the most common in the world.





The discussion on water has been one of the most common in the world. From the sources, preservation, supply, contamination and many other related topics, water has been a broad area to talk about, it being one of the essentials of human survival. The human species have got a role to protect water and use it to its maximum advantage but many are the times we forget on its preservation and storage and end up suffering due to lack of water or even presence of contamination in the water. The careless approaches taken towards this treasure have got effects on all living animlals and have had the greatest effect on the marine life. In my essay, I am going to summarize an article that discusses the difference and existing notion between the tap and bottled water

According to the article, the other claims that there has been six main beverages that has for ages defined human past but water has been the outstanding one. It has been highly fashionable like many drinks in history, has led to a lot of different medical views, and has had unidentified but extreme geopolitical significance. The availability of water will be a key determinant on the path to be followed for the future of humankind on earth and beyond. It is the same drink that led to the course of human development

The maintenance of adequate supply of fresh water has been very hard. Initially, there was less contamination less on other beverages like beer than it was in water. The contamination of water began to unveil in the 19th century and it became a very hard thing to tackle and has affected the human kind for a long time.

Unlike the early days when human turned to other drinks as substitutes of water due to the contamination, it is now possible to openly tackle the problem of contamination directly through things like water purification and improvements in sanitation. The growth of water popularity is a great suggestion that the danger of contamination is reducing at last though the reality is quit complicated. There has been a very big difference between the developing and developed worlds in their attitude towards water.

There has been a great growth in the sale of bottled water. The developed has enjoyed the availability of tap water which is safe to drink and highly available. Italians are said to be the most consumers of bottled water taking an average 180 liters per year each. They are followed by French, Belgians, Germans and Spanish. The consumption of bottled water has grown by 11 percent and has led to an increase in revenues which in 2013 was 46 billion dollars. Restaurants has been serving water at a very high cost as it is kept in a designer bottle which people has got the tendency of moving with all the time. In the United States gas stations, water is a bit more expensive than kerosene.

The bottled water has become more popular due to the notion that the water is healthier and safer than the tap water. This is not the case as tap water, mainly in developed countries is as safe as the bottled. In case there is a contamination scare, it affects the bottled water also. A study published in the Archives of Family Medicine, the researchers had a comparison between the tap and bottled water using the water from Ohio and Cleveland and discovered that a quarter of the sampled bottled water had a higher level of bacteria. They made a conclusion than the notion of bottled water being safer can be misguided.

There hasn’t been any evidence that the bottled water is healthier and safer to use in the developed nations. Most people cannot tell the difference between the two in a blind tasting test. The taste different between the bottled waters is higher than that between bottled and tap water. People go on buying the bottled water even being expensive.

As evident in the article, there is slight, if no difference between the bottled and tap water in the developed countries. The bottled water sales has been high in these countries as it has been a lot of people’s preference as they still have that notion of the bottled water being better. It is a duty of the human race to protect water from contamination, we knowing the benefits of that. It is also a true claim that one can now enjoy tap water in the developed countries and safe on money which is used in buying bottled water in fear of health issues.

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