The discovery

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How are you, my classmates, and our professor? Today is a great day when I want to share my story of discovering why I was born. I believe each of us has had that day and that moment when they found what they were born for, and as the adage goes, the two most important days in a person’s life is the day we are born, and the day we discover why they were born. I believe those of us who have not experienced or found their purpose in life will get the chance to learn this and will be able to experience the same thing I experienced. In foreshadowing your experience and flashbacking for those who already had this experience, I would like to share with you today about my story of discovery. A discovery that changed me, a finding that made me who I am today and that discovery has become a compass in my life. It is a story that has its basis on my family and career. I believe this story relates to all of you to some extent. The incident had a significant impact on the changing of the course of my life.

The discovery

I was born and raised in a family where we like engaging in charitable activities, and my parents taught me about kindness. I did not believe excess kindness was good because I thought it could make people lazy and make them unable to work for themselves and become dependent on others. I still hold onto this belief, and I try to encourage my parents not only to engage in charity works but instead to educate these people on what they can do to get a living. My parents have always opposed my idea, and we have never agreed on this. However, our family love and bond is solid, and I love my family.

I have always escorted my parents in many of their charity activities and functions where they are involved in raising money to support the less privileged in society and make sure they get the basic needs. They also offer primary education about financial management and other basic tenets embedded in their organization’s vision and the mission. I have attended ten activities of this caliber, and I must say they are very emotional. This is because they always leave a person feeling that we should be more kind in this world. After all, the satisfaction and the joy of the other person count a lot when it comes to personal fulfillment. However, I still do not support the idea of spoon-feeding the needy by giving them everything, but the experiences in the support events and programs were phenomenal.

In relation to this and by extension, when I was 12 years old, I had a vivid dream about how I could create a children’s home for the needy kids and make for them a small family. The dream was so striking that even today, I can remember almost every part of it. The other issue which is essential to note is that even up to today, I still experience the dreamt. The kids were the ones abandoned kids and the street ones who did not have a place to live.

The imagination of creating a family for the kids, educating them, and giving them the basic needs required for their living was one of the essential things that keep pushing me to achieve this dream one day. I could picture myself in the children’s home, whereby I acted as their parent, and they had everything they needed with no lacking. I believe this dream is what I have to do because the experience of the drive keeps me yearning even for more of helping the needy to rise and regain their dignity.


In conclusion, I would like to encourage each of you who is yet to discover why they are alive, their purpose in life to get working on it, and try to see what they can offer humanity. This is because people experience this differently, and mine was through a dream and a firm conviction that I am supposed to do it.

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