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The Developing of other criteria



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Attending a 3 day professional conference on organizational psychology where people would present their research findings and perspectives would provide an opportunity to experience what happens in the field of psychology. Trainers who are also psychologists will definitely provide the benefits to the learners. Although self-efficacy may be applied in this context, it may not be applicable to all the trainees because some may have low self-efficacy. The best criteria will be involving participants in all aspects by encouraging their reactions because they have almost similar experience as presented by their peers. This conference includes learners who are performance oriented hence will use this opportunity to avoid any professional mistakes.

Because the conference would include communication of research findings that perhaps identify and satisfy trainee’s needs, the trainees should set a goal that would ensure that they remain within the proposed limits and perform as per the research findings. Psychologists attending this conference will be attending with a high expectation in performance improvement, quality as well as availability of conditions which are intended to inject great outcome. These are some of the conditions that are considered important in goal setting criteria.

The presentation of research findings and perspectives is actually training because trainees will learn new ideas and perceptions regarding their profession. It will be like sharing of ideas amongst psychologists. The trainees are likely to apply some of the ideas and findings from different researchers. Psychology as a profession may be improved by some of the ideas got from the research findings.

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