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The Deaf Culture

The deaf in America represent a unique culture of group of American people who have speaking and hearing difficulties. They have their own way of communication and survival tactics within the intimidating environment. It is an interesting group who, even with their disabilities, are able to live happily in a society where many are perceived to be better off owing to their ability to do what this group cannot do – hearing.

From time immemorial, people have always been born with disabilities including the hearing disabilities. Others develop these problems in the course of life as result of a disease or accident. In America, this important group has made history by coming up with their own unique cultures and identifying with each other.

These people are known to do certain things together including forming groups to agitate for their rights together. They can work together to uplift the economic standards of each other. As such they come out to be hardworking and determined people indeed. This has earned them the respect of others in the society. They are therefore thought of as important members of the society who should be involved in propelling the country’s economy forward. However, some people have reservations for them and believe they are insignificant. Some views think of them as cursed. But this is a cruel notion.

I personally find this group interesting due to their success and hard work even in their condition. They currently face financial problems as they do not have very sufficient means of successfully fighting for the same. Some people also do not give them the respect they deserve thereby substantially demoralizing them. The social media has given adequate coverage to this culture making popular.

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Discussion—Low-Incidence Exceptionalities: The Deaf Culture

There is a greater variety of cultures than those related to ethnicity, religion, or geography. For example, there is also the deaf culture. One low-incidence exceptionality you may have learned about in children is deafness. Although it might seem an easy decision to utilize technology such as cochlear implants to enable someone to hear, there are many issues to consider.

View the following video:

  • Aronson, J. (Producer & Director). (2006). Sound and fury: Six years later[Documentary]. United States: Filmakers Library. Retrieved from

Based on your readings and analysis of the video, address the following:

  • Explain the lessons individuals from the hearing and deaf cultures learned from each other.
  • Describe the impact early intervention might have for individuals with hearing impairment (including social, communication-related, and emotional repercussions).
  • Synthesize the information from your readings and from the video to explain how you might utilize the information to work with children with low-incidence exceptionalities (beyond hearing impairment) and their families. Provide a minimum of three recommendations.

Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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