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The Dallas Holocaust Museum

The Dallas Holocaust Museum is rich in historical events in Europe dating back from the year 193 to 1945. Most of the historical events and experiences regarding the horror of World War II where the Nazis exterminated the Jews, killing millions and displacing them from their original habitats where they called their place of residence. The Holocaust was the period in which the Jews faced persecution in the hands of the brutal German rule in the attempt to clean the German race.

My visit to the museum was abrupt as I had not planned to visit soon, and thus was prompted due to the assignment. However, the museum was full of amazing facts, some of which I never thought existed, as on some occasions, we do assume that history does not contain facts, and most of it is based on assumptions. However, it seems that my theory was proved wrong. I got a chance to see some of the shocking events which can be considered as evil during World War II lead by Hitler. Symbols of the Nazis are filled on the walls implying that they were the main perpetrators of the war. I was also impressed by the museum due to its arrangement, each section is placed according to the topic, and this makes it easy for the new visitor to identify without confusion what they want with less guidance.

One of the exhibitions that I can say that I liked though it is not a replication of positivity, is “The Massacre in Babi Yar.” The exhibition explains the Babi Yar massacre in the year 1941, whereby the killing operations of the Nazis assumed a massive scale, which is one of the largest mass executions of the Jews in the history of the Holocaust that took place in Kiev, Ukraine. The exhibition cites that on September 28-29, 1941, Einsatzgruppen units and collaborators systematically rounded up the Jewish residents and marched them to a ravine called Babi Yar on the outskirts of Kiev. In just two days, the Nazis shot and killed 33,771 men, women, and children and buried their bodies in the ravine, a depiction of the inhumane nature of the Nazis and the oppression of an inferior race.

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