[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][column width=”1/1″ last=”true” title=”” title_type=”single” animation=”none” implicit=”true”] [accordion collapsible=”false” closed_bg=”accent1″ title_color=”accent8″] [pane title=”Communication” background_image=””] We have a group of service providers that are there to help you with any form of help that you need. Nursing home work can be accessed at any time by any person at any time. We are here to ensure that all your questions are answered and all enquiries as well. . [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”Amendments and revision request?” background_image=””] Our clients can request revision whenever they please. The revision request is done 2 days after the submission of the paper. Once the deadline is reached, a new order will be made. For long assignments, revisions are made within 30 days after the deadline. If the client wishes to have amendments done, a new order is made and charged. In a situation where you request for an extra time to go through the work, you are charged 30% of the original amount they were charged before. For more information about our Privacy Policy please check Privacy Policy page. [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”Delivery Policy” background_image=””] Our writers are keen on time and requested delivery. We deliver the paper within the specified time. However, if our client requests for an earlier date, an amount is charged depending on the kind of work we have committed to do. [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”Refund Claim” background_image=””] Refund claim is done mostly if the client isn’t satisfied with the work we have presented or if the client made double order on the same work. Refund claim is however done within 14 days after the deadline. The management will look into the matter and get back to you within 5 days. In addition to that, when two orders are wrongly placed, a refund is made and so long as the order hasn’t been submitted. If the work was already submitted after the deadline, a partial refund will be made. [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”Order Process” background_image=””] It is important to note that, when placing an order your contact information is very important. Providing invalid information in your order application will result into incompletion of your order process and it’s by all means not the fault of the company as the code of agreement has made it clear. Consequently, customers order will not be processed until full amount of the product is paid. The amount is supposed to be paid in time failure to which the company will not be answerable to any of the claims. The information given when placing an order should include all given instructions in a very clear way. The writers do their work with convenience when given precise and easily understood instructions. In a situation when more clarified details are required but submitting not within the required time, the company will not be held accountable for failing to fulfill any implied warranty or guarantee. If the customer requests for revision it should be based on the instructions the customer gave when placing the order. Any other instructions that deviated from initially given instructions will require a new order which will have its charges just as any other order, in regards to the terms of agreement. If the writer needs certain sources to be included in their paper, they will need to provide this information. Failure to provide this information within the scheduled time will not be answerable to the company by all means. The schedules time for certain paper could be as follows; 48hours – 10 days- information shared within 8 hrs, 12hours – 24hours – information shred within 1 hour and below 12 hours the information is to be shared within 30 minutes. This will enable our writers to look into your work and have enough time to produce very effective papers with detailed and fine requirements. The customer is required to keep looking at their messaging systems once they have placed an order. The company will mainly contact the client using the email. To ensure that no information passes our customer, we require them to often open their emails to check any information shared with them. Remember, it’s through the communication channel you can know the progress of your order. In a situation where the customer makes an incorrect order or in a situation where the customer 0accidentally makes a wrong choice in the order placing form, he/she is required to contact the support system immediately to correct the error. In place where the client asks to be provided with a draft, the company will provide the draft but will not do so for orders that are of urgency i.e. 3-48 hours urgency. [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”Termination” background_image=””] The company has the right to terminate any paid order in an event where the clients doesn’t co-operate or doesn’t communicate to the company. This largely interferes with the completion of work by the writer which consequently could result into company’s suspicion of the client’s intentions. Termination done on these conditions shall by no any means reserve any amount that was previously paid to the company. The company will not be liable whatsoever! [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”Money Back Guarantee” background_image=””] Please visit our Money Back Guarantee page for more information on this [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”Satisfaction Guarantee” background_image=””] The kind of work we provide is very authentic and plagiarism free. Before submission of any of our work to our clients, a thorough plagiarism check is done by the best plagiarism checking software. However, if the client wants to cancel an order, he/she can do so before the completion of the order. In an event of editing, proofreading, formatting etc services, plagiarism free is not guaranteed and will not be reviewed or scanned. All cancellations and claims should be communicated to the company through the communication system to the support team. In cases where the client hasn’t been satisfied by the work provided to them, or the work submit after deadline, the client has a right to claim full or partial refund of the money they invested on the order (well explained in the money refund claim). The company hence has the right to approve or disapprove the claim giving its valid reasons to do so. If the refund claim doesn’t get received within 3 days after the completion of the order, the assumption made is that the client was already satisfied. The company is by all means entitled to share with the clients certain offers that are valid in the company. Therefore it’s the company’s duty to share all useful information with its clients by emailing them. To ensure that our clients and we at nursing home work are working smoothly, we do urge that our clients go through the terms and conditions to avoid inconveniences. [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”What is the format of your custom essays?” background_image=””] All our academic papers come in accepted academic format: 1-inch margins on all sides, 275 words per page,  formatted with 12 point Times New Roman/Arial font, double-spaced. If you need special formatting for your paper,  please include these requirements in the “Paper instructions” box on the order page. [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”How do I fill the order form?” background_image=””] Please go to the order form. Once there, please specify your topic, page count (excluding the title and the bibliography page),  delivery date, and the number of sources. Be sure to leave your comments on what exactly your assignment requirements are. In case you have any questions while submitting your paper information into the order form, just click on the ‘info’ sign after every field name and you will see a detailed hint in the pop-up window. You also need to indicate the course title, writing style, and any other important details. Your comments are important to our writers for their future work on your assignment. You can also place a free inquiry if you have complicated instructions for the order and want to double check if we are able to complete it.  We will send you the payment link only after an appropriate writer is found. [push h=”30″] [/pane] [pane title=”When will my custom paper be done?” background_image=””] When you place an order with Nursinghomeworks.com, you can choose from a great variety of delivery options and in this way determine your deadline for the paper to be completed. The time is calculated automatically from the moment we receive the payment in our system. For example, if you pay for an order at 6 P.M. on Monday and choose a 3 days delivery option, you will receive your custom paper by 6 P.M. on Thursday. To ensure the quality of your paper and conduct the in-depth research, the writer requires sufficient amount of time. Therefore, please choose the most suitable deadline when you place an order. Make sure that you upload all the additional materials at the beginning. If you fail to do that, the deadline for your order will be postponed as well. If you choose our Progressive Delivery service, you will receive an individual delivery schedule that will be followed up by the writer assigned to your project. The Final Submission deadline is the exact date when you have to submit your assignment. Please make sure that your Final Submission Deadline exceeds your First Draft Deadline by at least 30%, so that there is enough time for any possible revisions of your order. [push h=”30″] [/pane] [/accordion] [/column] [blank h=”30″] [/blank][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]