Term paper (30%): 12-14 pages, plus cover page and bibliography, at least 10 relevant course readings cited. The purpose of the essay is to problematize and to explore a case connecting to the core course theories. The essay should demonstrate your engagement with the readings and other material covered in the course. Alternative idea for a group project (e.g. 6-10min YouTube documentary) can be proposed. A list of paper topics and a grading-rubric will be given in class. Allowed to import only up to 50% content and reference from the proposal to final essay. Any use of outside editors for this course must be acknowledged by providing verifiable contact info in the work; and may be used strictly under these conditions: the research, ideas and essay structure are your own, ONLY copyediting has been undertaken to correct grammar and spelling. Late penalty: 10% deduction per day up to 3 days. Same formatting as above assignment, double spaced, 1-inch margin, 12 Times New Roman fonts, in APA.

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