Television Fiction and Women’s Fantasy

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Television Fiction and Women’s Fantasy

The aspect of gender and sexuality in movies has been an integral approach in highlighting some of the issues and problems faced by the characters in society. Filmmakers and playwrights have expounded these attributes by capturing specific important policies and actionable structures that can better communicate these problems and issues as faced in society. Their active involvement with different organizational features ensures that better and lasting arrangements are put in place to achieve established goals and also realize needed outcomes for the long term. One of the notable films of the time has been the depiction of women’s fantasy. The analysis of articles in contemporary culture can help show the approach taken to highlight gender and sexuality issues in movies. The present essay explains the aspects of women’s involvement in these issues by depicting characters in the movies. The article, Melodramatic Identifications: Television fiction and women’s fantasy helps one better understand these structures and the impending effects they have had on the societal perception of the problems and how they are impacted mainly within the organizational segments (Ang 237). The approach taken by the films shows the stereotypical nature of the filmmaking process.

Discussion of the approach

The approach seen in this article is known as the role/image approach, or more conventionally, ‘images of women’s approach. Ang expounds on the approach by explaining that it is fundamentally based on analyzing the pictures of women s they are depicted in the media platforms (Ang, 242). The study is then juxtaposed with the real-life situation’s depiction, opening up enhanced segments as to how they can be jointly reviewed to achieve common goals and objectives. In the current world, where most people draw mentors from movies, it becomes essential for filmmakers and playwrights to develop a positive review of these characters. For example, there can be better images for the women to stimulate a desire that motivates the audience. The female heroines seen in the movies can provide better insights into the depiction process by fighting the stereotypes that exist in society.

Analysis of the approach

The approach discussed in the film is fundamentally developed on the need for positive perceptions from the audience. The depiction of women through the positive images in the movies ensures the creation of the correct perception in the audience’s mindset. Thus, young children are oriented toward the important basic structures of societal development. It is a chance for them to understand the expectations of their peers and integrate better and more effective manners of achieving desired goals and outcomes. They get to fight and handle the gender stereotypes at an early age, thus, cultivating an air of equality and continued reiteration of policies that positively influence their lives. The logic of supplying positive images for women in films helps fight the existing notion of gender roles. As the author explains, it is critical in fighting the traditional, stereotyped, or trivialized model of womanhood.

Evaluation of the approach

However, despite the enhanced structures geared towards success, the approach has various problems and issues that may derail its developed impacts and desirable developments. The problems come from the perceptional facilities. The speculative venture fails to recognize the role of emotional availability when reviewing the influence of body images on women. In most cases, individuals are usually emotionally invested in the characters appearing on television (Ang 236). They tend to overlook the flaws and character problems depicted in the film. The emotional attachment may cause them to have differences in the perspectives offered by the characters. Therefore, there will be no effect in either the positive or negative depiction of the women in the movies. The article highlights the nature of the problem by providing examples from the attachment of women to various shows. For example, there are instances where women vastly prefer to watch soap operas. The study refers to the aspect as irrational since the approach does not consider the possibilities of emotional attachment and involvement towards the characters. The identification with character behavior and actions in the popular film is a critical feature that is overlooked, proving to be a problem in further analyzing the body images.

Another issue with the approach has been the failure to fully distinguish between the body images and the character reviews and perspectives shared by each of them. The widespread nature of the characters in films and shows may lead to people overlooking their depiction of body images. The factor coupled with the emotional investment proves to be a challenge to them as there is a failure to determine the best ways to handle desirable outcomes in the positive or negative reviews. The author also notes the problem by reviewing various key players and characters such as Sue Ellen Ewing or Christine Cagney (Ang, 247). The author notes that such individuals cannot be reviewed as contextualized images of women. Instead, they are seen as a fictional fantasy created from the author’s mind and provide specific barriers and breakdowns that can have adverse effects on the realization of the set goals and targets in the long term. The depiction of the characters having struggles in various areas such as emotional attachment and dealing with conflict and dilemmas may also contribute to the problem. This is a significant weakness of the theoretical advancement incorporated.

To deal with the issues in depiction, there is a need for specific enhanced actionable policies. The article suggests the importance of ensuring that the audience understands fantasy as an extension of human reality. They should view the characters with a human touch to ensure that they relate to some of the issues and problems from their engagements. Fantasy can accord one the needed pleasure when viewed as fulfilling a conscious or unconscious wish (Ang, 241). The encouragement to participate in the attribute opens up platforms for better perception of the images in the male and female segments of the interactive media.

There have also been modern shifts in the approach with the development of contemporary issues touching on aspects of feminism. The joint level approach has seen women fight for equal opportunities and spaces with the males. These efforts extend the issues and problems highlighted by the author. The fight to end gender stereotypes and traditional roles of women requires the efforts of diverse players within the society. They must ensure that the right policies and structures are adopted to help improve the place of women. Additionally, men can also be involved in the actionable outcome to enjoy required success features amongst themselves. Modern feminists are concerned with provision of better and more enhanced spaces for women to thrive and meet their targets and goals. The positive depiction of women in movies counts towards ensuring that they have the right environments to meet these goals. Also, it is a way of influencing the future generations with regards to successful realization of needed support features for success.


In conclusion, the approach developed by Ien Ang is critical in ensuring that women gain active and equal spaces amongst men. The system must be further developed since it aligns with contemporary thoughts and issues in feminism. The determination of an aligning perspective ensures that the system is additionally incorporated in different departments. The film sector can be a trailblazer to other industries in ensuring that the depiction of women fights off the gender stereotypes and traditional roles and perspectives of women in society.

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