teaching presentation

For this assignment you will develop a 15-20-minute teaching presentation using the teaching plan . Include all the following information:

  2. Prepare teaching materials. 
  3. Teach health related content to community members. 
  5. Topic Related:
    1. 1. Identify the Healthy People 2030 goal related to your health promotion topic.
    2. Reflect the cultural characteristics within the presentation with consideration related to the client group to meet their learning needs.
  7. 2. Critical Thinking:
    1. Incorporate the 2-3 learning outcomes/objectives you previously provided in your teaching plan that the client group will learn from the presentation.
  9. 3.  Learning Content:
    1. 1. Describe and display the researched information logically with discussion of the health promotion topic in relation to the goal.
    2. 2. Apply the methods of instruction that was described in your teaching plan and stay within the time limit. Explain and/or justify any changes that might have to be made to meet the learners’ need.
    3. 3. Present the selected teaching tools used to convey the content to the client group.
    4. 4. Identify and properly cite the evidence-based resources used for the teaching presentation.
    5. 5. Present evaluation methods used (post-test, observation of return demonstration).
    6. 6. Provide participants with a survey of your teaching session, ask them to complete the survey and return it to you.

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