Throughout the course, you have been exploring an issue in your own community related to health or access to healthcare. You have been completing a Community Outreach Needs Assessment, investigating government websites related to health data, including the US Census, CDC, and, and interviewing stakeholders.   

Discussion Instructions

For this discussion, please consider the resources and information above and address the following:

  • Explain how you began to collect evidence to support your identified health and learning need in your community.
  • Describe the evidence you found to support your identified health and learning needs?
  • Describe any evidence you found that conflicted with your identified health need.
  • Describe evidence you did not find that could have strengthened your argument for improving health or access to health care in your community.
  • Considering what you did not find, discuss possible reasons the government websites, (e.g. Census) might not have the information you were trying to find. (Hint: Look at Data Collection and Reporting (Links to an external site.) and Integrated Surveillance Information Systems/NEDSS (Links to an external site.))


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